TripAdvisor Versus Your Own Review Solution

check list_smallMany people rely on TripAdvisor to choose accommodation for their holiday. In fact, it was recently announced that the site now receives 40 million users every month – but you may have also read about how the company has come under fire by the owners of restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and hotels. Why?

Many hoteliers and the like believe that a lot of the posts are unfair and that TripAdvisor does little to monitor and remove comments that are unjust.

One such person, as reported by the Daily Mail is lan Gillam, the owner of the Western Hotel in St Ives in Cornwall.  He stated that he felt the reviews on TripAdvisor could in fact devastate small businesses. He continued to point out that other review websites allow owners to get a certain number of reviews removed, but TripAdvisor believes that potential customers can see past a bad review.  They may see past it and still book with you, but why should a hotel jeopardise their brand’s reputation if it is simply NOT TRUE.

As a consequence of these accusations, Tripadvisor in the UK is now being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority over claims it has untrustworthy reviews.

So where does this leave hoteliers and property owners who want to provide trustworthy reviews to potential customers? Well another option is to gather reviews on your own website.

There are many applications available that enable organisations to do this.  Some also enable rich media such as videos and photos to be uploaded too (read more about our applications here…). Not only does this benefit the organisation because it adds inspiring content on their website, drives traffic and builds loyalty, but it also provides potential customers with the user generated content they now want to see before making a purchasing decision.

Yes Tripadvisor attracts 40 million users a month and features over 50 million reviews of hotels and restaurants worldwide, but how many of these are factual reviews?

According to the online reputation services company, KwikChex, who represents more than 1,000 hoteliers, there are at least 27 000 estimated legally defamatory comments on TripAdvisor.

We are certainly not saying you should exclude Tripadvisor from your marketing strategy, but you should certainly consider other options.

One of the key benefits of gathering reviews on your own website is that you have greater control over moderation.  Most onsite review platforms provide the organisation with the ability to approve any reviews before they go live. This gives you the opportunity to firstly ensure that the review is legitimate, and secondly, it gives you a chance to resolve any serious issues directly with the unhappy customer.  It is not a matter of simply removing bad reviews, but rather, it gives you the opportunity to be pro-active about any issues.

Furthermore, publically responding via your website and under your own brand to an unfavourable review, is more often than not, looked favourably upon by potential customers.  It builds trust and confidence that this is an organisation that cares about their customers, and a high level of trust in a brand, leads to a long-term relationship. Read more about how to deal with a negative review… 

There are of course advantages and disadvantages of each – so let’s explore these;



  • It is already an established website receiving 40 million visitors each month, so your brand can be exposed to a huge audience.
  • Due to the large amount of traffic, you may gather more reviews quicker.
  • Reviews on an external website may appear to some as being more honest as they are less likely to be tampered with by the brand.



  • No control over the design and how the reviews appear.
  • Less control over content and moderation – there are many stories online about hoteliers who have contacted TripAdvisor to report a fake or inappropriate review, only to be told “the situation is currently under investigation and a final determination will be made once the investigation is complete. Please allow up to 14 days for this process to be completed” – so in the meantime, the fake review remains online for all to see.
  • You don’t own the content uploaded.
  • Your reviews are appearing alongside reviews from your competitors, so people can easily be drawn away from yours.
  • If you want to integrate content from TripAdvisor on your site, some limited options are available for free but other products require a licensing agreement to access which can cost thousands of pounds.
  • There may be limited SEO benefit for your website

Gathering reviews on your website

There are many companies who provide excellent, readymade solutions to enable you to gather your own user generated content.


  • More control over where you want the reviews to appear.  We believe that reviews, ratings, and discussion shown against relevant products and services on your website will immerse your online visitors amongst your brand and messages. So we have created a range of applications that can be integrated into any page, on any website.
  • Full control over moderation enabling you to remove any inappropriate or spammy content.
  • You gather relevant information about your customers – and can therefore develop high level, targeted communications.
  • The content uploaded is yours to use in future marketing.
  • Photos and videos will enhance your website visually.
  • Regularly added content will provide SEO benefit for your website



  • You will need to keep an eye on the content being uploaded, but this should be the case anywhere online!
  • Ongoing engagement is required.
  • You will need to generate/encourage content. A good way to do this is to ensure a link to wherever your reviews are posted is included in any communications with guests. Read more tips here…
  • You may incur a license fee.
  • Make sure you check the functionality provided by the platform or applications suits your needs.


To conclude:

No matter which way you look at it, reviews are important! In the travel industry specifically, 66% of people are influenced by user reviews when searching online, however many travel brands are still wary of enabling reviews on their own website.  Some fear that it will leave their brand open to all kinds of comments, but in this transparent world of marketing, user reviews enable a company to be proactive about improving their products and services.

Furthermore, reviews on your website gives your visitors a reason to stay on your site – according to, between 25-40% of people who leave a hotel website do so to read online reviews. So publishing reviews directly on your hotel website fights this loss of traffic, and increases the probability of a direct booking right there on your own website.

Read more about the benefits of user reviews…

To find out more about how your business can integrate review functionality on your own website, contact us today…

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